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40 Unbelievable Things That Happen in Dubai

cheetah in dubai
Dubai is known for tourism were tourists, from different parts of the world, come to have fun. The city is full of unimaginable things, from using a fleet Bugatti for police cars, to having the biggest shopping malls on the planet, not forget to mention the world's only 7-star hotel. Here are the 20 things you'd probably...

10 Most Incredible Hotels In Dubai

Hotels in Dubai can be fun to visit due to the tourism nature of the country. There are lots of hotels in Dubai, here are the 10 most incredible hotels. 10. Armani Hotel Dubai   Owned by fashion kingpin, Giorgio Armani. Armani hotel occupies the first 8 floors of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Giorgio personally supervised every single aspect of...

The Top 20 Foods for Combating Diabetes

Spicy rub - Natural Home Remedy for Arthritis Pain
Have you ever wondered what to eat and what not to eat, because you just want to combat diabetes? It happens to most of us and then, making that decision could be tough a times, especially when you’re rolling that cart, while shopping. We at BeautyHealthLifestyles have prepared a list of 20 foods you should consume in...

10 Celebrities With The Most Famous Body Parts Ever

In today’s world, people tend to judge people by their looks, especially celebrities. Not only do they have to possess real talent, but they should also have some killer legs or a head-turning chest. But let’s face it – some of them are only famous for one particular physical trait. Here are top 10 body parts that...

20 Worst Things About Living In San Diego

san diego homeless
San Diego is a city on the Pacific coast of California known for its beaches, parks and warm climate. So many people envy this city because of its climate, beaches and parks. It is a tourist haven. However, living in San Diego sometimes is not all it is cracked up to be and these are 20 reasons that...

Busty Models: 10 Sizzling Models that Will Blow Your Mind!

biggest busty babes
There is no doubt that curvaceous models have always been in demand in the modeling industry. Millions of people have been enthralled and drawn in by their sensual beauty, whether on magazine covers or in runway presentations. Who, though, are the top hotties in the business? Who are the most attractive curvaceous models who will leave you...

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Singers

katy perry
10. Taylor Swift  Source: Billboard Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is an American singer and songwriter who has won 5 Grammys. She is into country music and best known for writing break up songs. 9. Selena Gomez

5 Amazing Travel Ideas That will Make a Good Unusual Experience

skydive and soar in air
Skydive and Soar in the Air The most liberating experience, is the skydiving and soaring in the air. You just don’t give a damn about falling and dying as you free-fall through the air. There are many places in the...

10 Amazing Outdoor Hotels with Some Remarkable Tourism Experience

french bubble hotel
The Floating Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania If you are looking for a whole new experience in your adventurous life, then look no further than the Floating Hotel, Zanzibar. This should be perfect for anyone, unless you are hydrophobic. This hotel brings three in one...

5 Best Foods For Weight Loss

We all know that whether you trying to lose weight significantly, or you want to lose the last 10 pounds, it is incredibly difficult. Obviously, low-calorie diets are unreasonably coupled with your hungry nature. Here are 5 foods for weight loss Quinoa Quinoa is completely protein which makes it unique. Dietary fiber actually binds to fat and cholesterol, helping your body...