Uncover St. George: Top 10 Things to Do



St. George sits in the centre of Utah. It is full of outdoor activities, a fascinating history and an incredible cultural heritage. If you’re searching for exciting things to do in St. George Utah, you’re in luck. It is a charming place with countless attractions that will appeal to every traveler.


1. Historic Downtown Explored

St. George’s Historic Downtown District is the ideal place to begin your St. George Adventure. Marvel in the beautifully preserved, 19th-century architecture that reflects the history and culture of this city.

You can browse through quirky boutiques or enjoy the delicious local food. Or, you can take a peaceful walk down the tree-lined street. St. George Tabernacle has been crafted out of local sandstone and is an architectural marvel.

2. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site – Step into the past! This impressive attraction is home to a vast collection of Jurassic Dinosaur Footprints.

Interactive displays, replicas in life-size, and fossil displays offer an amazing glimpse at prehistoric life which once roamed the landscapes of Utah. It is like a time-travel experience.

3. Snow Canyon State Park offers outdoor fun

Snow Canyon State Park provides a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty and rawness of Utah. Enjoy a variety of hiking trails amongst striking red rock formations. Visit dark lava tubs and traverse shifting dune fields.

There are panoramic views in every direction. A diverse range of fauna enhances the attraction, and it is an excellent place to see wildlife.

4. Sand Hollow State Park offers fun in the Sun

Sand Hollow State Park is an exciting hub of both terrestrial and aquatic activities. Jump into the waters to cool off, learn how to navigate, and try out scuba.

Aside from the red sandstone, there are also sand-covered cliffs that make this a popular spot with water sports and sun seekers.


5. Top Golf Courses in the World

St. George’s golf courses are an absolute paradise for golfers. They feature stunning red cliff views and striking black lava beds, as well as lush greenery.

There is no better place to play golf. Both professionals and amateurs will find it a challenge. So grab your clubs for an incredible round in front of a beautiful backdrop.

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6. Tuacahn Amphitheater is a cultural oasis

Tuacahn Amphitheater offers a unique opportunity to explore St. George’s culture. Due to its dramatic red-rock cliff backdrop, the outdoor venue hosts Broadway-style shows, music concerts and cultural events.

Tuacahn has a magical nighttime experience that will leave you with a lasting impression of art and creativity.

7. Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

things to do in St. George Utah

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve provides a stunning landscape. It is a sanctuary that covers over 60,000 acres.

Labyrinths of trails offer a labyrinthine exploration that takes you through various ecosystems. With its breathtaking views and diverse ecosystems, it is the perfect spot for lovers of nature. St. George has an ecological treasure.

8. Wine Tastings at Local Wineries

To experience the flavors of St. George, take a tasting tour at one of its local wineries. The stunning views and sounds of nature will accompany you as you savor every delicious taste. Enjoying a glass of wine is a great way to end a fun-filled adventure day.

9. St. George Art Museum

St. George Art Museum features a variety of eclectic art. This museum houses an impressive collection of both historical and contemporary works.

Every time you come, the exhibitions will be different. This ensures an experience that is fresh and unique.

10. Zion National Park offers adventure in Zion National Park

Zion National Park lies just a few minutes away from St. George. It is filled with breathtaking panoramic views and offers hiking trails as well as exciting river rafting, rock climbing, and other adventure activities.

Zion, a place of breathtaking natural beauty is the perfect way to end your St. George experience.



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