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20 Worst Things About Living In San Diego

San Diego is a city on the Pacific coast of California known for its beaches, parks and warm climate. So many people envy this city because of its climate, beaches and parks. It is a tourist haven. However, living in San Diego sometimes is not all it is cracked up to be and these are 20 reasons that is so

1. There Are Too Many People

San Diego is a beautiful city, therefore, more and more people come into the city daily. Although this is good for the government, in terms of revenue and tax, but the influx of people is getting out of control. Some of the various reasons people visit the city for are; college, military assignment, what have you, but they end up staying there.

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Out of this problem emanates other problems facing the city. Click on to see how the increasing population is causing San Diego more issues.

2. Traffic Is The Worst

Yes, a major characteristic of any city is the traffic. But honestly speaking, the traffic in San Diego is terrible, although this traffic is not as huge as it is in Southern California yet. You just would like to avoid the freeways at peak periods. Even on weekends too, the traffic is usually terrible.

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For the streets, it is busied with people going out running errands and going shopping. It actually gets worst as the streets are very narrow and the traffic light takes long before it passes you through.

3. San Diego Is A Sad City For Sports

Although San Diego a big city, it is very remiss in regards to its sports teams. In the ’80s, the basketball team, Clippers, left San Diego for Los Angeles. This left them with the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres. However, in recent years, the Chargers have become a disappointment to many football fans as they are unable to win games, and are equally leaving for Los Angeles.

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The same fate has been suffered by the San Diego Padres for baseball. In 2016, the Padres were dubbed one of the worst teams in baseball for being shut out for the first 27 innings (first three games) of the 2016 MLB season. In the past decades, none of San Diego’s sports teams have won any championships.

4. The Chargers Couldn’t Even Stay

The bad luck for sports continues as the Chargers were so unsuccessful in San Diego. This led to a decision, made by owner, Dean Spanos, to move the team to LA. In protest to the decision, there was a reaction from the loyal fans of San Diego Chargers, who subsequently, went to the Chargers headquarters and Qualcomm Stadium to ceremoniously burn all their Chargers gear in protest of the announcement.

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Despite the protest, things doesn’t look like the Chargers will come back to San Diego anytime soon, but the move was so controversial that it has been rumored that Los Angeles doesn’t even want the Chargers there. Now all San Diego has is its Padres and the recently reacquired San Diego Gulls.

5. The Roads Are In Bad Condition

This might be caused due to the fact that there’s way too many cars driving around, in the city. San Diego is one of the worst places to drive a car, it is not just a home to some of the worst roads, but the roads are also characterized by cracked asphalt and unending amounts of potholes can make driving in San Diego a bumpy nightmare sometimes.

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For whatever reason, the City of San Diego is taking a long time to implement their plans for the pot holes. According to a past report by NBC San Diego, the city cites bureaucratic problems as the blame for as to why a lot of San Diego’s roads aren’t getting fixed. Spending delays, missed repair deadlines, and trying to figure out what fixes need to be done have put a setback on these repairs.

6. Rent Is Too Expensive

The demand for housing in the city is high, because San Diego is such a desirable place to live for out-of-towners. Therefore, realtors and landlords alike have capitalized on that by making the cost of renting a place to live very high. Research has shown that the average rent in San Diego for a one-to-two-bedroom apartment is around $2,134/month.


These has led to young adults, who try to start their lives, to start out with roommates. The closer to the city center or the coast you want to live, the more expensive it’s going to be.

7. The Military Presence Is Strong

This is not really a bad thing, because the military is there for our protection. It makes us feel a lot safer knowing that we have a strong military presence to protect us. However, military tests or projects make themselves apparent to the public and it can be someimes disturbing. Military jets from Miramar Air Base will randomly fly overhead and it can be very loud and sometimes frightening.

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Sometimes random booms can be heard or feel random shakes thinking it’s an earthquake, but it finally turns out to just be something going on at the military base.

8. There’s A Homeless Epidemic

Homeless epidemic is one of the major problems with San Diego. According to records, San Diego has the fourth-largest homeless population in the nation, and one of San Diego’s drawbacks is the lack of care it takes towards this crisis. San Diego’s downtown East Village, is one of the most prominent areas where homelessness is blatant. Makeshift tents line the sidewalks and freeway entrances.

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The high cost of rent can be attributed to the steady rise of homeless population, in the city. Many good Samaritans do what they can to help these people out by handing out supplies and food, but many citizens are relying on the city to help relieve the issue.

9. Citizens Suffer From Low Wages

With increasing rent and stagnant wages, it seems almost impossible to rent an apartment in San Diego. The past couple of years, before California’s overall minimum wage hike in 2016, the city of San Diego has had one of the lowest minimum wage rates among big cities, having increased the rate from $8/hr just barely before 2015.

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In July 2016, the minimum wage was raised to $11.50/hr. Still, that’s barely livable for a lot of people who have more than one mouth to feed, in addition to bills and rent payments.

10. The Weather Isn’t Always Nice

Unlike what you have known, San Diego’s weather is not that perfect, and it isn’t always under perpetual sunshine. Sometimes, we go through a couple months out of the year where it is constantly cloudy and muggy. These months are referred “May Gray” and “June Gloom.” So don’t expect to have a perfect weather, living in San Diego.

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The cloudy days still aren’t enough to get San Diegans off of their normal routines, however. Even on cloudy days, you will still find people enjoying the beach or taking a walk in Balboa Park, especially because it still doesn’t get cold despite the lack of sun.

11. Public Transportation Isn’t The Best

In San Diego, you need a car to drive around, in order for you not to rely on an unreliable public transportation. San Diego does have its own Metropolitan Transit System that controls a whole fleet of public buses and three trolley lines, however for a growing city where everything is spread out, this is hardly enough.

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Many a times, people often complain of trolleys and buses that run behind schedule and this is caused due to the fact that it takes an unnecessarily long amount of time to make a short trip. With traffic and multiple stops along the way, it can sometimes take almost an hour to travel up to five miles by bus in the heart of San Diego. In addition, routes are limited and people end up having to walk a bit to get to their destinations.

12. Hiking Is Very Trendy Here

In San Diego, the trend here is hiking. The popular hiking spots are usually overcrowded. Some people might not mind, but for true nature-loving hikers, the amount of people on the trails can take away from the tranquil and relaxing experience.

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One of the most popular hiking trails is the Mt. Woodson Trail out in Poway. Majority of persons come to this seven-and-a-half mile trail with the intention of getting to Potato Chip Rock, where everyone likes to get their picture taken.

13. Tourist Season

Ninety percent of San Diego’s problems can be attributed to the increasing population of the city. Tourism is one of the reasons we experience overcrowding and traffic. All year round, we have tourists, visiting our city, but summertime is the period the highest number of tourists are recorded.

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Although tourists are great for San Diego economically, but any native San Diegan knows that it’s difficult to go anywhere where there are bound to be slews of tourists. Luckily, San Diegan’s have a “been there, done that” attitude of the main tourist attractions, so we can definitely find other things to do during the summer.

14. There’s Never Any Parking

In San Diego, the most annoying thing is getting through traffic, after spending 45 mins for a 15 mins drive, and realizes that there is no place to park after driving around. The lot is filled and there are a few other cars circling the lot looking for a spot too.

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Even out on the street, all the free street parking is taken. And then you’re forced to park at a parking meter, but somehow all those spots are taken too! Which leaves you with the last resort: paid parking lots. You can either drive around for another 20 minutes looking for a better option or succumb to paying upwards of $5 to park your car for an hour.

15. Beach Over-crowdedness Is Too Real

The popular recreational activity in San Diego is beach going. It becomes worst if it was tourist season, as the beach is over-crowded. Not only is it difficult to find a spot to lay out once you get to the sand, trying to get to the beach is a whole other mission.

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Initially, we already talked about how difficult traffic in San Diego can be. But it is almost ten times worse when going to and from the beach, where the roads are most of the time only one lane. Tack on trying to find parking and trying not to run into pedestrians in the beach towns, trying to go to the beach during the summer is a whole day of exhaustion.

16. Comic-Con Is Its Own Season

San Diego Comic-Con happens in the middle of summer and it’s like its own tourist season within tourist season. While an event as big as Comic-Con brings the city of San Diego a lot of publicity and money, it still attracts hordes of tourists from all around the world, except this time they’re all dressed up as fictional characters.

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This means Downtown San Diego is to be avoided at all costs if you are not a fan of huge crowds. Comic-Con goers pack the streets of Downtown, the buses, and the trolleys, but we must admit that we do enjoy seeing all the impressive cosplayers that we may come across during this time.

17. Who Came First: The People Or The Seals?

One man’s meat can be another man’s poison. That is the case of the sea lions, lounging on the rocks and on the shore. New visitors to San Diego often visit La Jolla Cove where you’d be amazed by the amount of sea lions there. But many people who reside in that area of La Jolla or who are frequent visitors to the cove know that the sea lions are becoming a nuisance.

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In recent years the number of sea lions have greatly increased and now massive sea lions have taken over the cove and are becoming aggressively territorial. In addition to that, there is no way to control their waste in that area, the foul odor of which has affected nearby residents and businesses. A lot of times visitors to La Jolla Cove can’t even enjoy it for fear of being attacked by the sea lions.

18. Our Beaches Are Getting Dirty

Speaking of waste, there is a growing pollution problem throughout San Diego County beaches. A lot of times San Diego’s sewage will make it into the ocean and this is especially true in the aftermath of a storm. This causes the beaches to be unswimmable because of the hazardous health conditions that it causes.


San Diego County’s Department of Environmental Health has the Beach and Bay Water Quality Monitoring Program to keep track of water pollution, but the ongoing issue of sewage and chemical spills still affects San Diego’s beaches. While San Diegans are lucky enough to have the beach close by, we can’t always take advantage of it.

19. Everything Is Always Under Construction

You may realize by now that there are a lot of things in San Diego that need to be fixed and if the city is not already on it, then it might be on their to-do list. But because the city realizes that there’s a lot of work to be done, that means that there is always some sort of construction going on throughout the county.


While we’re glad that these issues are getting attention, construction always gets in the way of our everyday lives. The worst type of construction is road construction, which only worsens the already apparent traffic problem, and sometimes these projects can take years! On the plus side, it does create more jobs and helps improve the city of San Diego into the great city that everyone thinks it is.

20. You Must Have A Car

Sure, San Diego is an awesome city with a bunch of cool places to check out―from Sunset Cliffs to North Park, to the growing amount of breweries and coffee shops, you will never be out of something to do. But anyone who knows San Diego knows that these places are not close together, in terms of walking distance.


You need a car to go anywhere in San Diego since much of its main attractions are scattered all around San Diego county. And if you do have a car and are able to explore San Diego, then you are subject to the issue of traffic.

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