The 25 Best Weight-Loss Foods


12. Hummus

Middle-eastern spread composed of garbanzo beans, olive oil and tahini is an ideal diet food according to Cipullo.


She describes its creamy texture as being satisfyingly rich while its variety of tasty flavors makes for delicious snacking options with veggies as part of lunch or just as an afternoon treat with chips or as an after school treat with chips for dessert!

A 2020 review found its health benefits associated with increased nutrient intake, diet quality improvement and overall healthier eating patterns overall.


13. Ezekiel Toast

Although Ezekiel toast may be a brand name, Cipullo suggests any sprouted grain bread will suffice as it’s naturally dense in nutrients and high fiber levels – perfect to start your day right with!

“Combine it with some nut butter for an energising start! Plus it helps regulate bowel function,” advises Cipullo.

14. Water

Though technically not food, according to Cipullo water is essential when setting nutritional goals and optimizing results.

Warm water stimulates your digestive tract while helping prevent constipation (particularly with an increase in fiber consumption) while fulfilling oral fixation at nighttime.

When you find yourself snacking for behavioral reasons after dinner grab a warm glass of water or decaf herbal tea as soon as you notice yourself nibbling mindlessly at food for no clear purpose.


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