Factor Meals Review for Weight Loss Success (2024)


Finding the right balance in weight loss between convenience, nutrition, and taste can be difficult. For many, however, the arrival of factor weight loss meals has revolutionized their lives. These meal programs include portion-controlled dishes and ensure that each one is bursting with essential nutrients to keep your body fueled while you lose weight. But exactly how do these meal plans contribute to weight loss success? 


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Factor Meals Basics

Foods like Factor Meals are the perfect solution for people on a weight-loss journey. These meals have been meticulously designed to take out all of the stress and confusion associated with nutritional planning. 

A harmonious collaboration between professional nutritionists and chefs ensures each meal delivered is not only prepared for consumption but also aligns perfectly with the principles necessary to lose unwanted pounds. In contrast to other conventional meals, factor meals stand out for their unwavering dedication to quality ingredients which are nutrient and weight-loss friendly. 

The meals are carefully calibrated for calorie moderation to meet the body’s needs, without being excessive. Incorporating whole grains, lean proteins and an abundance of vegetables, a balanced meal is created. Meanwhile, the addition of healthy oils ensures that meals are satisfying. 

The strategic compositions of these meals support not just short-term weight loss but also promote a sustainable healthy lifestyle. A factor meal’s focus on nutritional quality and caloric value provides a strong foundation to anyone who wants to tackle the challenges of weight loss with ease.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. It is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of health issues. Before starting a new supplement or exercise regimen, always consult your doctor.

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: 25 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Factor Meals At a Glance

  • Fresh meals, not frozen ones, that will stay fresh for 7 days in your fridge
  • Rotating Weekly Menu with 35 Choices per Week
  • Dietitians are responsible for the creation of all meals
  • In just two minutes, you can have a microwave meal ready.
  • Formerly Factor 75, acquired by HelloFresh 2020

Factor Meals Pros

  • Menus with a variety of options
  • Choose from vegetarian, gluten-free and keto meals
  • There is no need for cooking or preparation skills
  • Included in the add-ons are desserts, smoothies and drinks.
  • Each meal contains nutritional data

Factor Meals Cons

  • Costly compared to meal kit services
  • The best option for a large family is to choose meals that are one-serve.
  • The menu options available for vegetarians are very limited

Portion Control as Weight Loss Tool

The cornerstone to effective weight loss is portion control. This is an area that many people find difficult. Overeating can sabotage your weight-loss efforts, even if it’s a healthy meal. By delivering meals with precise portioning, Factor Meals addresses this common pitfall. 

These precisely measured servings take the guesswork out of the equation and eliminate the tedious task that comes with measuring each meal. This makes it easy to consume exactly the right amount to promote weight loss. 

The goal of this method is to not only stay within caloric limitations but also educate eaters about what a portion should look like. This skill is crucial for anyone looking to maintain a long-term weight. In addition to helping people stick to their weight-loss goal, factor meals also allow them to enjoy a healthy and varied diet. 

Its simplicity and effectiveness make weight management achievable even for those with a history of struggling with portion control. The journey to a healthy weight can be achieved by using this innovative solution. It is not about restriction but about enjoying nutrient-rich, tasty food in the right quantity.

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The Factor Meal Delivery System

The process of signing up for Factor is fairly simple. Signing up for Factor is a simple process.

Create your first box

Create your first-factor meals box. Start by choosing one of the five options: Keto, Calorie Smart or Protein Plus; and then choose from six to 18 meals per week.

Keto, for example, is self-explanatory. Other plans have more specific elements. Chef’s Choice is a good example of a program that offers countless gourmet and balanced options. Calorie Smart on the other is a program for weight loss, with meals which are low in calories and have a serving size of 550 calories. Although Factor isn’t a Weight Loss Meal Delivery Service the Calorie Smart plan offers a Calorie-Restricted Diet which can be combined with exercise to help achieve weight-loss goals.

Protein Plus would be an excellent choice for anyone who is active or wants to increase their protein intake. Protein Plus includes high-protein meals like Smoky BBQ Chicken, Turkey Chili, and Zucchini as well as other pasture-raised or grass-fed protein sources. Some meals fall into multiple categories, such as Keto or Protein Plus.

The pricing for Factor is based on the volume of meals ordered. This system, like most delivered prepared meals, will allow you to get more value from your money. This means that the price per meal will decrease the more you select each week. You might be eligible for special discounts if you sign up during a promotion. The factor was offering a discount of up to $135 for the five first boxes at the time I wrote this article. The first box, however, had a 50% reduction.

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Input delivery information

You can then enter the delivery information. The notes section allows you to leave specific instructions for the courier. Depending on where you live, Factor partners with various couriers, but meals are always delivered in temperature-regulating packaging that includes ice packs. The shipping cost for every order is a fixed $10.99. This can add up quickly, especially if ordering regularly.

Pick your meals

You can now move on to the best part: selecting your meals. Factor’s weekly menu changes, so the meals you choose today might not be what is available in a week. Browse the Factor Meals entire menu or narrow your selections using filters.

Factor’s menu is great at explaining every meal option. It’s possible to see the full nutrition information and ingredients as well as a photo. You’ll then submit an order after you make your final choices. Your meals should be delivered within two weeks.

Kayla our tester recommends placing your order as soon as possible, especially if it is urgent. Kayla also gives some additional advice. “Every week, Factor sends you a message asking you to make changes or edits to your meal selections by Wednesday. If you don’t, Factor pre-selects meals for you.

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Are Factor Meals Any Good?

Factor may seem like a great service, but is it all that good? What do Ellie and Kayla think about the service, their meals and the overall experience?

The Taste

Ellie and Kayla both agree that Factor Meals passes the taste test. Ellie says that Factor Meals is the best meal-delivery service she has ever tried. The portions are large and the dishes are varied, so it doesn’t seem like you are always eating the same meal.


They also liked the Southwest dishes. The spice level was always just right, without being overpowering. She says that Factor Meals advertises as a chef-prepared meal delivery service, which is evident in their dishes. Ellie and her husband both agreed that every Factor Meals meal they tried was better than takeout and some were “restaurant-quality” and even more.

Kayla said that preparing the meals is very simple. She says, “I just put them in the micro for 2 minutes and it was ready to go.” Kayla enjoyed the Chicken Alfredo and Broccoli dish, which she described as having broccoli that was not soggy. She says that the meal still retained a pleasant crunch. When I receive other meals delivered, the vegetables will usually be frozen. They’ll get mushy after they are heated up.

Kayla wasn’t too impressed with the flavor of the pasta alfredo. She says, “To me, the sauce tasted like canned food.” She says, “I’m a sauce connoisseur and make my own from scratch.

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Menu Variety

Ellie and her husband found the menu selection of Factor Meals to be a huge selling point. They were on a low-carb diet before their wedding when they first tried it. She says that Factor Meals had many delicious low-carb and ketogenic options, which helped her and her husband stay on track with their goals and be full without feeling as if they were sacrificing flavor. It was easier to keep our diet on track when there were fresh foods in the fridge, rather than having to cook something in between meetings or during busy weeknights.

Ellie is also pleased that Factor offers meals to people on vegetarian and gluten-free diets. The Factor does not offer many options to cater for certain special diets. Dairy-free diets are not well-represented, and plant-based meals are limited. Paleo-eaters also have no plan, but you can opt for low-carb options.

Ingredient quality

Ellie and Kayla both liked the quality of ingredients used in the Factor meals, except Alfredo. Animal proteins in Factor meals come from pasture-raised or grass-fed animals. They are also free of hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms.

Easy cooking

Ellie thought Factor Meals was easy to make. She says, “The food never got overcooked. It always looked like it had been made right in the restaurant. This is much better than any other service I have tried.” It takes just 2 minutes to heat each meal through in the microwave. Some meal kits provide you with ingredients to cook or assemble, but Factor meals come ready to eat and require only a small amount of unwrapping.

She adds that “some meals came with an ingredient which was meant to be removed before the meal is microwaved, like a dressing or sauce. But the instructions are always very clear.” Kayla says that the meals are very satisfying and have the perfect amount of food. She explains that with other meals she has tried, portions have always made her hungry, but not Factor. “I felt satisfied, but not overstuffed.”

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Factor Meals Pricing

The cost of Factor, which is on the higher end for meal delivery services, can be a downside. You can expect to pay between $11 and $13 for each meal. You’ll also have to pay shipping fees for each delivery.

Ellie claims that the main reason for us to stop eating Factor meals is cost. It’s more expensive than cooking meals at home.

You can find cheaper meal service options, but you might not receive the same quality and freshness in ingredients.

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: 25 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Who Factor Meals Is Best For

  • Busy people who do not have time to prepare meals but still want to consume healthy and nutritious food.
  • Microwave meals are a great option for people who work at home, attend many meetings and have only a few spare minutes.
  • If you are a busy office worker looking to save money on takeout, this is the perfect option.
  • The cost of the meals may be high, as they are only single-serve.

Who Factor Meals Is Not Best For

  • People who consume a dairy-free, vegan diet
  • Those looking for budget meal kits.
  • The people who are not willing to choose their weekly meals (Factor may pre-select foods for you, which might not be what you prefer).

Customer Reviews of Factor Meals

Customers give Factor Meals an overall rating of 3.9/5 stars on Trustpilot. This digital platform allows users to rate a service or business. Some customers are surprised by how restaurant-like the meals taste. Some customers are unhappy with certain ingredients, such as the small portions of vegetables or odd-tasting oil.

However, they continue to subscribe because they enjoy the flavors. The price is one of the most common complaints. Customers say that Factor meals can be worth it if you are willing to spend the money. However, those who want to save will opt to cook at home, or use a cheaper meal delivery service.

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: 25 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast


This innovative approach to meal delivery addresses the challenges of dieting, from mastering portion control to ensuring each meal is nutritionally balanced. The innovative delivery method addresses all the challenges associated with dieting.

From mastering portion management to ensuring every meal is nutritiously balanced, this approach effectively tackles these issues. The service goes far beyond convenience. It represents a commitment toward a healthy lifestyle. It offers a selection of chef-prepared, nutritionally-dense meals to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. 

Factor meals do not just simplify weight management but enrich it as well, adding an element of culinary enjoyment and diversity that is often lacking in traditional dieting frameworks. This unique combination of convenience with taste and nutritional integrity transforms weight loss into an enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle change. 

By integrating factor meal into your routine you will be on a path to achieving your ideal body weight and maintaining it. This marks a significant advancement in your health journey. By focusing on factor meals instead of dieting, you can nourish your body with delicious and high-quality food.

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: 25 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast


Q. Can you see weight loss from only Factor meals? *

A: While factor-based meals are carefully created to align with your weight loss goals, by offering a variety of balanced, portion-controlled options, you will get the best results from a more comprehensive approach. This involves incorporating regular exercises and choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Does the Factor accommodate special dietary requests or restrictions? *

A: Absolutely. Factor Meals takes pride in catering to all dietary choices, such as vegetarian, ketogenic, and Paleo options. This means that anyone can find meals to meet their nutritional requirements as well as their personal dietary needs.

Q: How often does the selection of meals change? *

A: To make your diet more interesting and to use seasonal ingredients, Factor Meals updates its menu regularly. This ensures that you are never bored with your food and that your palette is kept interested.

In addressing these frequently asked questions, we want to provide you with a better understanding of how factor meals can be incorporated into your weight loss program, while also providing the necessary variety and dietary flexibility to keep yourself motivated.

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: 25 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast



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