11 Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

The dangers of type 2 diabetes cannot be overemphasized this is due to its nature because it doesn’t necessarily cause any obvious symptoms. It is known as ‘silent killer’ because it doesn’t show earlier signs. There are cases where doctors do not detect diabetes until long-term complications associated with the disease, develop. Some of the diseases are heart problems and eye diseases.


It is advisable for one to go on regular checks in order to prevent type 2 diabetes. Prevention of this disease can be achieved through regular checking of blood sugar levels.

If you think you may have diabetes, seek treatment as soon as possible. The better you manage diabetes over time, the less like you are to develop serious complications.

The following signs, symptoms and conditions can be associated with type 2 diabetes



  1. Frequent Need to Urinate

type 2 diabetes

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Medically, this is known as polyuria and it is one of the early signs of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Frequent need to urinate occurs when the blood sugar levels is elevated above 160-180mg/dL therefore, glucose begins to leak into the urine.

Consequently, the amount of glucose in the urine increases, the kidney starts to work harder to eliminate more water in an attempt to dilute the urine. This is enough for a diabetic to feel the urge to urinate more often.

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